Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New ventures and adventures in Japanese indigo dyeing and knitting.

I have been invited by Bryan Whitehead, See his site - Japanese textile workshops, who is a master craftsman living in the mountains near Fujino, Kanagawa ( near Tokyo ). He's somehow wrangled a beautiful old house in Honatsugi and some vintage knitting machines.... And he has asked my friends and I to help run the place once he has finished his renovations!

It looks very Wabi Sabiand is coming together slowly but surely.

Look forward to more updates - work shops - indigo socks and dresses and a line of small run high quality hand made Eco friendly cotton indigo dyed blah blah they will be beautiful you get the point ;) x

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  1. Daphne! This looks like such an awesome opportunity for you. So much awesome stuff all in one place. I look forward to updates.