Tuesday, January 8, 2013

good to have dreams

Shoes. Houses for the feet.

I came to Japan to learn how to be a shoe-maker. I mean, I had other reasons, like I wanted to eat lots of sushi. And I kept having dreams that I was running as fast as I could in the direction of Fuji. But aside from those things I really wanted to go to Bunka Fashion College to learn how to make shoes.

It's really important to have dreams. I had so many days of lone ponder time here in Tokyo, in the first few years after arrival when I was overwhelmed with the thought  ' what am I doing here, why am I not with my family?' But having this dream, however rough, kept me focused. 

Anyways it didn't happen because I was offered a scholarship to do my masters and I OBVS took it! I never thought that my path would lead me to where it has, now all kinds of wonderful things have happened since entering, and since graduating from Bunka's graduate school. During my studies I managed to take a patternmaking course in shoes in an old factory in Minami Senju taught by the production manager at Mihara Yasuhiro. I learned a lot but only enough to make the upper for a pair of men's brogues. NOT ENOUGH. There is a whole world of soles, lasts, heels, wings, and leeeeather and glues to dive into! There is a neighborhood in the old part of East Tokyo that still has lots of little shoe factories and supply shops that I will go and put on my best 'not a scary foreigner ' face and ask for help. Help!  I am hoping to find someone who will teach me in this vast city. Become an apprentice in the spring.

The other day I was freaked out for a moment, thinking that all my dreams had come true, and where would I go? What the heck do I point myself at now??

But then I remembered the multitudes of pipe dreams that I have. There will never exist a lack of goals on my horizon. If anything I'm overcome with ideas and pulled in so many directions I feel muscle aches when I try to sleep.

Keep dreaming!


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